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Hello, welcome to Gaomi Baishun insurance company supplies!
More than ten yearsQuality of experienceThe letter is old

Focus on labor supplies for many years, the company specializes in producing all kinds of garden gloves, gloves, gloves, gloves, such as canvas gloves, dipping gloves, welding gloves, leather gloves, etc., and to undertake customized processing business

Quality materials,Quality assured

Strict production process, the precipitation of the years of standardized process operations, in line with international quality standards certification, so that the perfect quality of products presented

Variety completeTo meet the needs of enterprises, factories, wholesalers

Covering dozens of varieties, covering various fields; all through the inspection and testing, and a class of agents to meet the real needs of a variety of wholesale agents

world500 strong enterprisesGold supplier

Over the past ten years to accumulate a large number of stable customers, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Fukuda and other enterprises designated suppliers

IntrepidThroughputPoint to point deliverySystem, to reduce the cost of procurement

10000 square meters production base, adequate inventory, replenishment do not worry; with independent logistics team, point to point free distribution, factory direct sales, to give customers the greatest price support, truly: "cheap"

Gold service,Intimate, peace of mind, more assured

Customer service professional training to the post, within 24 hours of feedback, service network throughout the country, to solve a variety of problems in a timely manner wholesalers; wearing methods and maintenance technology professor;


  Gaomi baishun Labor products Co. Ltd is located in Gaomi Baicheng Industrial Park, which produce dipped gloves, canvas gloves, welding gloves, leather gloves.

  We specialized in differnet kinds of work gloves, safety gloves, garden gloves, industrial gloves. Productions are variety, quality and competitive, welcome to visit us.


Contact: cold Manager

Telephone: 0536-2573377

Mobile: 15963687078


URL: www.xingyefaschool.com

Address: Gaomi City Town Industrial Park

National Service Hotline: 0536-2573377 phone: 15963687078

Fax: 0536-2573377 URL: www.xingyefaschool.com

all rights reserved Gaomi City Baishun labor supplies Co. Ltd. address: Gaomi City Bai town

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